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The 'Nova' Collection

ilovethisshiptoomuch by Yanixq ilovethisshiptoomuch :iconyanixq:Yanixq 9 4 2/2 commission by Liiqur 2/2 commission :iconliiqur:Liiqur 48 7 Nova's Family -Contest Entry- by weasel-girl Nova's Family -Contest Entry- :iconweasel-girl:weasel-girl 12 3 Watch out for the mud! by DawnOfTheGold Watch out for the mud! :icondawnofthegold:DawnOfTheGold 49 9 TLK style fan art by DawnOfTheGold TLK style fan art :icondawnofthegold:DawnOfTheGold 27 2 A fatty boi by Yanixq A fatty boi :iconyanixq:Yanixq 13 2 KovuCent97- Request by OfficialDrawer KovuCent97- Request :iconofficialdrawer:OfficialDrawer 10 9 Confession - Commission by scrubbydoodles Confession - Commission :iconscrubbydoodles:scrubbydoodles 27 8 1/2 commission by Liiqur 1/2 commission :iconliiqur:Liiqur 59 8 YCH for KovuCent97 by BeeStarART YCH for KovuCent97 :iconbeestarart:BeeStarART 46 11 Guess What? by scrubbydoodles Guess What? :iconscrubbydoodles:scrubbydoodles 18 7 Thiago and Autumn -YCH Commission (KovuCent97) by scrubbydoodles Thiago and Autumn -YCH Commission (KovuCent97) :iconscrubbydoodles:scrubbydoodles 13 3 Hello there, sweetie by firsthuntress Hello there, sweetie :iconfirsthuntress:firsthuntress 24 15 Lion Cub Adopt - Closed by JessSheWolf Lion Cub Adopt - Closed :iconjessshewolf:JessSheWolf 12 4 YCH CM Christmas - KovuCent97 by P4ndora-L YCH CM Christmas - KovuCent97 :iconp4ndora-l:P4ndora-L 10 3
My OC Nova looking GLORIOUS!

Fan art of Nova :D


Disconnected, Invisible by Saachi1399 Disconnected, Invisible :iconsaachi1399:Saachi1399 4 5 Insubordinate by RhoadieNom Insubordinate :iconrhoadienom:RhoadieNom 46 9 2 Years Improvement by skyfeather0066 2 Years Improvement :iconskyfeather0066:skyfeather0066 1 0 Healthy Nuka doodle: in the Pridelands by blueiceflower Healthy Nuka doodle: in the Pridelands :iconblueiceflower:blueiceflower 71 8 Can you feel the love tonight? by SilverKatu Can you feel the love tonight? :iconsilverkatu:SilverKatu 43 1 Sanaa is not amused by scrubbydoodles Sanaa is not amused :iconscrubbydoodles:scrubbydoodles 8 4 Something new... / Algo nuevo... by LillyDiaz18 Something new... / Algo nuevo... :iconlillydiaz18:LillyDiaz18 12 5 ilovethisshiptoomuch by Yanixq ilovethisshiptoomuch :iconyanixq:Yanixq 9 4 2/2 commission by Liiqur 2/2 commission :iconliiqur:Liiqur 48 7 Nova's Family -Contest Entry- by weasel-girl Nova's Family -Contest Entry- :iconweasel-girl:weasel-girl 12 3 Sorry Zira.. by NostalgicChills Sorry Zira.. :iconnostalgicchills:NostalgicChills 416 86 Watch out for the mud! by DawnOfTheGold Watch out for the mud! :icondawnofthegold:DawnOfTheGold 49 9 TLK style fan art by DawnOfTheGold TLK style fan art :icondawnofthegold:DawnOfTheGold 27 2 Lion Style Meme: Lian by LillyDiaz18 Lion Style Meme: Lian :iconlillydiaz18:LillyDiaz18 4 12

What's your favourite season? :) 

14 deviants said Summer
11 deviants said Autumn/Fall (+1)
7 deviants said Winter
5 deviants said Spring
3 deviants said More than one :3



KovuCent97's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
:iconfirsthuntress: ----> This beautiful piece of art was made by my wonderful girlfriend herself, the lion is my OC called Nova. His mate is my girlfriend's OC Liara, check out my collection! Love you sweetie... :love: :heart: :heart:

Lioden account - KovuKube97 (Inactive at the moment, not feeling it... :/)

Straight ~ Taken: 4/11/16 :heart: :heart: :heart:
1 year together... :love: :love: :love:

:iconfirsthuntress: ~ The true love of my life, you mean the entire universe to me... I love you, forever and always... my soulmate :love: :love: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Hey there! I'm KovuCent97, you can call me Kovu or Phill, whatever you feel comfortable with! :D I'm a 20 year old lion king enthusiast and megafan XD I enjoy browsing the endless amounts of amazing art galleries and meeting other enthusiasts/artists, making sure to remind them that their wonderful pieces of art and incredible hard work does not go unnoticed, it does not hurt to remind them!! ;) My favourite bands are Coldplay, Imagine Dragons and Twenty One Pilots :) and if you haven't seen all the posts, journals and images made... I absolutely adore my girlfriend and I am beyond thankful for having her... I am a very proud and happy man to call her my own... :blushes:

if you're not mentioned here, please don't take it personally, I just need to get to know you more. Don't be afraid to talk to me, I may take a while to reply thanks to many personal things but I will get back to you eventually, thank you for your patience; :D

Close friends :heart: : :iconlillydiaz18: :iconcamii97: :iconscrubbydoodles: :iconeyesinthedark666:

Friends: :iconcha-vvy: :iconkongomato: :iconjakeluwillwar: :iconvastnir: :iconisdicter: :iconitsaravager: :iconjynfury14: :icondaliilaa: :iconluxtra2000: :iconliiqur: :iconnaiarulez: :iconofficialdrawer: :iconjacksepticeyefan356: :iconyanixq: :icon1cecub: :iconwhitelupa:

Nova Fan by Howie62

1/2 commission by Liiqur


Woah... did anyone else see the Walking Dead season 8 finale? I can't say I was expecting that outcome... :|
I even have a start on a soundtrack for the story, I forgot to mention that...… Nova's birth, he's born into royalty... the idea is his father, Mwenye is the king of a northern pride from the Pridelands, and it is set during the time of Ahadi and Uru as rulers... :D :heart:
Hey peeps, I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me out with planning Nova's story? Yeah I am going back to this after the failure last time... I just keep getting inspired to do it but always come short of what I wanted when I write it out... I need some structure and an original story instead of just going by the normal, predictable approach... depending how much help I get, I will make sure to mention said people who helped me co-create the story :) :heart:
Hi guys! I'm back from my break, I will get round to replying to all messages and notes I've left untouched eventually, I apologise for the wait! I'll make a journal about my break in a short while, I'm just relaxing at the moment, alot of things have happened... thank you to those who sent lovely messages to me as I was gone! :D :dance: :heart:
:iconfirsthuntress: You truly are a blessing, I can not express enough how perfect you are in every eligible way possible to me... thank you for being the most amazing, incredible partner I could of even dreamed of... I love you with every inch of my body, every ounce of my soul and with every beat of my heart... always... and forever... :blushes: :iconbackhug: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

P.s. Have a great first day at college tomorrow, I'm very very very proud of you sweetheart! You have proven time and time again you're an incredibly smart, intelligent and hard-working girl... I'm sending a thousand kisses and cuddles your way sweetie, love you! :love: :heart: :heart:

The First Year of Many

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 3, 2017, 10:48 AM

:iconfirsthuntress: My true, precious and wonderful soulmate ~ pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} 

Paula... I honestly don't know where to even start, I'm at the point where I couldn't even define or explain this undefinable true love... I can't fathom how fast time has gone, it's been a flash before my eyes... I haven't missed a single second, minute, hour or day since I began counting at the very start of this beautiful relationship... this intoxicating, overwhelmingly wonderful journey we set out on together the very second I admitted I loved you... IMing: Cry small heart - pink small heart - pink 

You know the very instant you messaged me, the first time you spoke to me I felt inside that there was something special about you... I couldn't understand what it was, there was this utterly wonderful warm aurora surrounding you... you stood out to me like a spiritual message sent from someone, I was drawn to you for countless reasons... It took me some time to realise and fully understand this feeling, so I took everything slowly... I approached you as gently as possible, I wanted to learn more about you... at the time I was severely depressed, I was in a dark place, I had never felt so alone in my life... but there was still that light at the end of the dark tunnel, a glimmer of hope and new purpose... the light was blurred at first but the more time went by and the more I spoke to you... the image was becoming clearer and clearer... then one day, I received a note from you... I felt the worst yet on that day but instantly the darkness was dimmed by that same blinding light... we spoke to each other everyday, you advised me, cared for me and helped me through what was possibly the worst time of my life... there wasn't a single day we didn't talk, it seemed like I was doing something natural... like... it felt so right... everything I said was from the bottom of my heart and it came out naturally... I embraced these feelings more and more... then... there was one day you advised me that I should go for a walk to refresh my mind, get some air in my lungs... I spent the entire walk thinking... pondering... realising what these feelings were... I couldn't stop thinking about you, the more I thought about you... the more that dark pit I was lost in lit up with glistening light... I stepped into this field, endless green grass stretched for miles, no one was around... I looked up to the sky, watching a sunset... I began crying... but... it wasn't the tears of sadness, it was the tears of happiness, of realisation... I could see that very same light that brightened up the dark tunnel... it was you Paula... I could see you... that's when I knew and finally understood this feeling... I fell in love... I loved you... I was In love and the feeling was nothing I ever felt before... It wasn't any kind of love... it was special... it was unique and it felt like a destiny waiting to happen... I knew what I had to do and so I calmly took my time... I couldn't help but show more and more affection, what made me feel even more in love was you gave back that very same affection... it was innocent, like two people very gently and slowly falling for each... I could not believe what was happening, it was happening everyday, more each day... I began to finally believe that maybe I wasn't the only one who had feelings, I built the courage up and with confidence from observing the affection you already gave me... November 4th at 12:04am... I sent you that note... the note that changed my life from the very moment I fought back the nervousness and told you that I can't hold back anymore, I can't hide it anymore... I told you that I loved you and you told me something I never ever would of thought someone would tell me... you told me you felt the same for me, all that time you felt the very same overwhelming feeling inside.. I had no idea and it was to this day, the happiest moment of my life... I will never look back from that moment... I cried and cried from disbelief and pure happiness... I was in love with the most wonderful... kind... special... unique girl... and she loved me back... just as much as I loved her... cry small heart - pink small heart - pink 

We've been through the toughest of times, so much together... there have been moments, times where we dug deep with each other... we stuck together, being there for each other and promising to always be there no matter what... the months went by and so... many things were being thrown into our path but we always conquered it, overcame every... single obstacle that was in the way of our relationship, with every victory we grow stronger and stronger... we loved each other like nothing and no one else before, we were invincible... nothing would ever break us apart... the love continued to thrive and grow, like a seed that had been growing since it was planted on the first day... you were there for me and I was there for you, we supported each other, we cared for each other, we loved each other, we did everything it took to overcome something... we did everything hand in hand... if one of us fell, the other would be there to pick them up, dust them off and give them all the love it took to fix them... everything was beautiful as it is to this very day and as it will remain for the years and years ahead of us... the love is just beyond anything I've ever imagined, it felt like we were created for each other... we are each other's destiny... for so long I had been so lost in life, I had no known purpose... until I was looking straight at it the whole time... you, Paula Florencia Fantín... you're my purpose my life, my destiny, the one I want to dedicate, devote and commit my entire life to... you're the one I was destined to find since the very day I born to this planet... I found the one... and there is no words to fully describe how I feel about her, how much I love her, how much she means to me, how special she really is... to me... there are no flaws in you... what you see as flaws... are what I see as beautiful in you Paula... they are what makes you such a special, wonderful, unique girl... they are what makes you the most important thing to me, in my life... you make life beautiful for me... your very presence is enough to even make me smile... you are what gets me through every single day, the hardest and darkest of days... you being there... is all I ever want in my life... you will always be the only thing I need to have good life... because no matter we achieve, it would of been a good life... because... I got to spend every second of it with you... the one I love more than anyone or anything could imagine... I love you... with every single inch of my body... every ounce of my soul... and with every beat of my heart... I will always love you... fervently... forever... I am the luckiest man in the entire world to have you.. thank you for everything you've done for me, thank you for putting up with me when I've been unbearable, thank you for hanging in there with me and staying strong with me... let us build this future we fantasise about, hmm sweetheart? Happy cry (Tears of joy) Squeeze Hug small heart - pink small heart - pink small heart - pink 

I just want to thank everyone who has supported me and Paula through this journey, the support has honestly been overwhelming... we can't thank you enough for all of it... it means a lot to the both of us... but most importantly... thank you sweetheart... thank you for a wonderful year... it is our first year... the first of many... let us keep counting these years forever... someday we will be looking back at all this... when we're old and have our house... achieved all we have ever wanted with each other... I promise I will stop at nothing to make it all a reality sweetie!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY LOVE!! IMing: Cry Happy cry (Tears of joy) :backhug: Love is... I Love You Emote love avatar :surprise-kiss: pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} 

A HUGE thank you to these special people for supporting us in every way, shape and form!! :iconscrubbydoodles: :iconeyesinthedark666: :iconlillydiaz18: :iconcamii97: :iconkatanary: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Jungle lovers~ Nova and Liara by EyesInTheDark666     True Love ~ Gift by EyesInTheDark666     Commission: KovuCent50 by Katanary     A Gift for KovuCent50 by Katanary     Two Sweethearts  by scrubbydoodles     'Although it may seem long..' by EyesInTheDark666     'Hakuna Matata' YCH for Kovucent97 by EyesInTheDark666     Passionate Kiss by scrubbydoodles

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